Gorgeous LED neon lights to light up your space

We create high-quality LED custom neon signs that will light up your personal space.

Upload your business logo or transform your name into a sign that will make you feel good and brighten up your space.

Think of it, then light it up!

An image of a custom neon light we designed for the Williamsons on their wedding day

Design your own custom neon sign

Create your own LED custom neon sign using our online editor tool. Made with premium material at an affordable price from a UK based custom neon sign manufacturer.

Create your own

Upload your design or a logo

Are you looking to turn your logo or image into a bespoke neon sign? Then upload your image to get started!

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    Our lights come with 12 month warranty and our business is based on integrity and quality from the very beginning.

  • Highly Customizable

    Our custom designs enable you to add your branding, your business logo and come in almost any shape, size, and colour, so you can tailor it to meet your specific needs.

  • Nighttime Functionality

    If you have an exterior sign, you want it to be seen at night. While you could set up extra lighting to illuminate your existing signage, upgrading to neon is more cost-effective, both in terms of installation and maintenance.

  • Durable and long lasting neon lights

    Long lasting

    Our signs are made of acrylic boards and LED strip lights, making them more durable and sustainable than traditional glass neon signs.

  • Bespoke neon signs

    All of our neon signs are designed in house, in the UK by hand. If you are in need of a personalised neon sign or custom neon sign, we can design something unique to you.

    We have a full rnage of designs from wedding and birthday signs, to man-cave and she shed signs. Choose one that best suits your needs.

  • Neon signs for your business

    If you are looking to get customers to engage with your business and stand out, our neon signs can certainly help.

    Beauty salons, nail bars, bars, restaurants, gym's, we can design a truly unique LED neon sign to showcase your business and bring customers to your door.